The Hope Project

The Hope Project On Lesvos 

Here is another really special place on the island.  A couple from Britain, the Kempsons, run an ngo providing spaces for refugees to relax, paint, sew, crochet and knit, across the street from KaraTepe camp.  And paint they do!  The walls are covered with paintings of beauty and sadness, politics and pain and joy.  There is a painting instructor, lots of books on drawing, canvases and paper and all sorts of paint.  All of the paintings are for sale.  10% of the sale price goes to pay for supplies, and 90% goes to the artist.  I’ve seen several of my English students at Hope Project. They tell me that painting helps them relax. 

The Hope Project will have an art auction at Christie’s of London in January.  The catalog should be printed in the next few weeks. 


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