About this blog:

I am a retired elementary school library specialist with a background in teaching English as a Second Language and teaching French. After spending 27 months in the Peace Corps in Morocco, I found a new calling on the island of Lesvos. I spent two months teaching unaccompanied minors from Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Cameroun, the Congo, and Senegal, then I left for home in Fairfax, CA, determined to go back whenever possible. It is now possible, thanks to kind and generous friends and family, and I will return. This time will be more urgent; people are arriving on Lesvos and neighboring islands in huge numbers, similar to 2015. My primary work will be at a wonderful nonprofit school called Gekko School, funded by Better Days Greece. They offer classes to the unaccompanied minor refugees in Greek, Math, English, computers, photography, as well as other workshops. Gekko School is a haven for the UMs. They are encouraged to further their education, plan for their future, be creative, and boost their self confidence.