Refugee Education and Learning International


If any of my posts has struck a chord with you, my dear readers, remember that you too can volunteer here on Lesvos.  I’m here because I found REAL. At the core of this group are dedicated educators that come here to teach English as a foreign language, math, science, various workshops, and bicycling and swimming for girls in the summer.  The REAL board members live  in the SF Bay Area and take responsibility for getting volunteers ready to go.  There is a bit of paperwork involved to clear volunteers for work with ngos and REAL guides you through that process.  They help you find a suitable volunteer post, and find lodging.  

We would love to provide volunteers to our ngo partners throughout the year so that schedules can be consistent for classes.  Check the REAL website for details.


REAL Volunteer Anne O’Shea receives applause and flowers on her last day as Science Popup Teacher
Volunteers out to dinner after a busy week.
The view from one of our women’s volunteer houses. Not too shabby!
Lois Murdoch in the newly redecorated Sewing Room at Stand By Me